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- CR Insurance, helmets, mountain bike’s accessories and clining of vehicle are included in the price. Fuel si not included. The renter has no limit of kilometers provided on Elba territory.

- Damages to the rental vehicles, due to negligence or misuse, will be fully charged to the client.Damages to the rental vehicles, due to negligence or misuse, will be fully charged to the client. In case of mechanical damage “Rent All” guarantees immediate assistance repairs and/or substitution of the vehicle. In case of puncture the hirer is obliged to repair the tyre at his own expense; “Rent All” is at your service to collect and repair at the hirer's expense provided an agreement between renter and customer.

- "Rent All" doesn't authorize the use of scooters from Capoliveri to Costa dei Gabbiani (is a bumpy and dangerous road!). Therefore the non-observance of this prohibition relieves "Rent All" from any responsibility to people and vehicles, and from recovery. In the case of puncture, fuel exhaustion, lost keys, recovery will be fully charged to the client.

- Customers must strictly observe the entering time written in the contract. The non-fulfillment brings an additional percentage of the charge as written in the contract.

- It is recommended to refill the tank immediately before returning the scooter (the nearest petrol station is Agip Mola), otherwise "Rent All" reserves the right to charge a higher price for missing fuel.

- In case the vehicle returned needs a special wash, "Rent All" is authorized to ask for an extra charge of € 7,00.

- In case the reservation of the vehicle is not withdrawn, "Rent All" will keep the deposit or part of it.

- Withdrawal of the vehicle requires a valid driver's license (for car or scooter) or identity card (for mountain bikes) and a security deposit in line with the rented vehicle: € 100.00 per bike, € 200,00 per scooter, or credit card. In case of deposit with credit card it is necessary the presence of the holder. Rental to minors requires the presence of an adult as a garanteer.